Prospects lists

We benchmark LinkedIn's database towards your target group

Prospects lists benchmarked against LinkedIn's database

Do you have a need to generate reliable leads and prospect lists with the right decision makers based on your target group, industry, region, and focus area?

This is a cost-effective service where we help you create prospect lists based on LinkedIn’s database so you can spend time and energy processing the right decision-makers based on your specific needs and target group.

The service is scalable, which means that it is suitable for both small and large companies. We work in your LinkedIn platform with Linkedin’s sales tools or you get the information in an external documentation.


An example for clarification

You are working to sell HR-systems with Gothenburg as a region for the manufacturing industry where the company will have +50 employees. The people you want to get in touch with are the CEO, HR Manager and IT Manager.

Based on the above parameters, we can generate an exact list of decision makers based on your wishes.