General terms and conditions


These general terms and conditions regulate the relationship (the ”Agreement”) between the customer (”the Customer”) and WEFIND Consulting Gothenburg AB (”WEFIND”), 559157-7464, and apply to all agreements entered into between WEFIND and the Customer as long as WEFIND and the Customer have not agreed in writing about such deviation.

The service

The service is specified in the agreement with the Customer and its agreement. The service is legally binding when there is an approved agreement or an agreement made by email or orally (the ”Agreement”). Amendments to the Agreement shall be made in writing in some form, with the approval of both parties.

WEFIND´s responsibility

WEFIND shall, to the best of its ability, deliver services in accordance with the Agreement to the Customer. WEFIND has the right to use the services of subcontractors to fulfill the terms of the Agreement.

Force Majeure

If a party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under these general conditions by circumstances that the party could not control, such as lightning, labor dispute, fire, seizure, regulatory provision and errors or delays in services from subcontractors, this shall constitute grounds for exemption leading to exemption from damages and other any penalties. If the obligations of each party are substantially prevented for more than one month due to a circumstance stated above, each party is entitled to waive its obligations without liability under these general terms and conditions.

Termination of the agreement

The agreement runs during the contract period with any notice period according to the Agreement. Should a current agreement not be terminated before the end date, the agreement continues with a new agreement period with the same length as the first agreement period. WEFIND has the same right as the customer to terminate the agreement in accordance with the agreed period and notice period. WEFIND continues to deliver services in accordance with the Agreement until the last day of the agreement period, unless otherwise agreed in writing. WEFIND has the right to transfer all or part of the rights and obligations regarding the Agreement to third parties.


All prices are stated in Swedish kronor excluding VAT unless otherwise expressly stated. If changes in existing fees or if new fees are added after the Agreement has been entered into, WEFIND has the right to regulate agreed prices in accordance with this. All prices are stated excluding any costs for the acquisition of intellectual property rights for images / photos, or text material and excluding any costs for advertising if this is required for the delivery of the agreed service, unless otherwise stated in writing. If no price has been specified for a service, the price according to WEFIND applies to the current price list, which the Customer has had access to. If the conditions for delivering the service have changed or if work is added in addition to what WEFIND is aware of at the time of entering into the agreement, it is subject to separate invoicing in accordance with the price list in force at the time. Wefind reserves the right to pre-invoice by agreement.

Index adjustment

Prices for current agreements are adjusted upwards annually on 1 June according to the Labor Cost Index, AKI for salaried employees from Statistics Sweden – based on the change between the index number in January the same year as the agreement’s entry and the latest definitively established index number..

Management of external costs

In the case of re-invoicing / advance invoicing of external costs, we charge an administrative fee of SEK 900 per invoicing occasion.

Payment terms, etc.

Invoicing and payment terms: according to the Agreement. If the Agreement does not regulate payment terms, the following conditions apply: 30 days payment period and invoicing periodically in the month of execution. In the event of late payment, 16% default interest will be charged (from the due date until full payment has been received) as well as the statutory reminder fee. In the event of non-payment, the case is handed over for collection. If a service can not be delivered in whole or in part due to the Customer’s lack of or delayed participation, WEFIND has the right to invoice the Customer an amount corresponding to an amount as if the service could be delivered in its entirety in accordance with the Agreement. Delayed payment is to be regarded as the customer not fulfilling his payment obligations and thus WEFIND has the right to terminate the agreement or maintain it and take the necessary measures.

Cancellation of consultation meeting, workshop or training

If you cancel or rebook a consultation meeting, workshop or training later than two weeks before the scheduled time, WEFIND has the right to charge 50% of the amount. In case of cancellation or rebooking of a consultation meeting, workshops or training later than 1 week hours before the planned opportunity, WEFIND has the right to debit the entire amount, as if the opportunity could be carried out. Thereafter, the customer has the right to book 1 new date within a 4 week period.

Recruitment of staff

If the Customer during the Agreement period with WEFIND and up to 12 months thereafter, directly or indirectly, employs staff who worked at WEFIND during the cooperation, WEFIND shall be compensated for the financial damage that occurs. As the damage is difficult to calculate, it is hereby set at an amount of SEK 300 thousand (three hundred thousand kronor) which must be paid no later than 60 days from the time the damage occurred.

Other responsibilities

WEFIND can in no case be held liable for losses caused by delays in any part of WEFIND’s services. Nor can WEFIND be held liable for operating losses, lost revenue, improperly spent advertising budgets or other advertising / affiliate networks, consequential damages or other indirect losses. WEFIND can not be held responsible for damage caused by WEFIND’s services such as. data loss, software damage or downtime for websites and IT systems.

In all respects, WEFIND’s liability is limited to an amount corresponding to the amount invoiced to the customer for the service in question in the 3 preceding months before the time when the Customer made his claim against WEFIND.

Validity and change

These general terms and conditions apply until further notice. The change in terms takes effect 1 month after the change has been published on WEFIND’s website,


In the event of a dispute arising in connection with these general conditions, the action shall be brought before the Gothenburg District Court. Swedish law shall apply to these general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will enter into force on March 28, 2019.

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