WEFIND support management and sales with their communication, positioning and visibility towards their target group on social platforms.


With the primary objective of creating presence, trust and top of mind within their customer segments.

In that way we generate more clients and business opportunities to our customers!


Our Key elements in working with our clients communication plan towards their markets :

– Together as a team develop a launch communications plan. Determine who needs to hear what by when, and then use this as our roadmap for implementation when gaining market shares.

– Define our key messages and tailor them to each audience. We as a team need to say the same thing to every key client, but we can’t necessarily say it the same way.

– Be in the minds of our audiences – always. Let’s make sure we as a team execute our plan across multiple communication touchpoints. Both digital and physical.

– Sustain our communication efforts together with existing and new partners. Together with PR, Communication and perhaps governmental relations.

– Let measure our success. We will naturally see our results in our sales numbers, but it is wise to remember to test brand perceptions now and then, to determine if we are delivering on our promise.


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